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—“If it weren’t for (((Those))) Lawyers we wouldn’t have had the civil rights movement”—

Yes and I am educating you about the meaning of rule of law by the test of reciprocity that prevents rule by discretion. Yet these very people destroyed rule of law by intentionally selecting cases to fund and prosecute in order to undermine it. (really).

The correct answer to the civil rights movement was to provide internal funding to the underdeveloped community, so that they could establish a middle class using cheap postwar credit. Instead, well intentioned people without any history of self government destroyed rule of law.

The west differs from the rest for one reason and one reason only: we pay the price of truth telling and reciprocity even at the cost of self image, status, and influence on the dominance hierarchy. That leaves only rule of law possible. You have your choices because of that rule.

We dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, child mortality, early death, disease, and the vicissitudes of nature by that one rule. And they destroyed it. Never assume you understand the big things. They did.

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