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Excerpt from a Jordan Peterson interview on Australian Radio. This is more evidence to me that your philosophy and Peterson’s dovetail beautifully, I wish that you two could exchange ideas.

Interviewer: “I mentioned earlier that this country follows a lot of the US trends, good and bad, we are a little bit behind”.

Peterson: “Like Canada”

Interviewer: “What do we need to be alert to? What do we need to be aware of? What do we need to avoid?”

Peterson: “We need to… we need to be alert to the benefits of the societies that we now inhabit. We need to be grateful for their existence and know very carefully the unlikelihood of their continued success. Now, I don’t understand how we managed it. In the West we have societies where the default assumption between human beings is trust. I do not understand how we managed that… because there’s so many ways that you can be betrayed by someone especially if you don’t know them. How do you set up a society where the typical interaction between strangers is straight? How many societies in the world are like that? Like, 30? 40? Something like that. How did that ever happen? We don’t know and it’s an ongoing miracle and we should do everything we can not to disrupt it because the alternative to that generous trust, that courageous trust, which is unbelievably productive, is rule by thug, and that’s the rule of most of the world.”

Interviewer: “So do you have optimism or not for the future?”

Peterson: “I think that we’re in a time of extreme chaos. Things could go unbelievably well if we’re careful. There’s so many good things going on in the world right now” … “God only knows what we could accomplish if we got our act together in the next twenty years. The sky is the limit. So… BUT we’re playing very foolish games in the West, and we could bring the house down around us. So, we’ll see.”


Eric Danelaw

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