Are White People At The Top Of The Sexual Market Value Ladder?

Yes, and if I explained why it would be censored.

Elite groups that can signal status will always increase in sexual market value.
However, Sexual market value is mathematically measurable by the degree of pedomorphism, symmetry, and acquilinity of features.

We didn’t really understand this until recently.

Hence the rapid expansion of caucasian features and east asian features in isolated geographics, and the retention of …. less …. ‘evolved’ features in heterogeneous regions.

The truth is that east asians and western europeans have been able to evolve greater expression of pedomorphic traits – literally, human domestication – than other groups.

It’s really that simple.

Add symmetry and you get genetic health.

Add optimum ratios and you get genetic health.

The classes are largely differentiated by their appearances, personalities, and intelligence.

Many things must go right to get a genetically upper middle class individual, and any of those things may not go right and we get the other classes….

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