Conspiracies In Our Genes

Women gossip to undermine alphas – and hen peck each other in corporations to the point where they are mutually self destructive. Do they conspire by intent, common interest, or genetic disposition?

There are only three possible means of human coercion: violence, remuneration(payment), and undermining (gossip). ie: Established males, ascendent males, and females. We are very artful in combining them. But still specialize.

The low IQ Gypsies specialize in mobility, low level parasitism and predation, and punishing members for honest labor. Agrarians had to develop norms, traditions, traits that allowed them to hold territory. Pastoralists never produced commons, and retained their clannishness.

High IQ disaporics are diasporic because they could not develop institutions by which to hold land (and made genocide against their southern neighbors who produced iron), and had to specialize in very different skills, as did ancestor females who were portable between male groups

More another time. But yes, we all, worldwide, demonstrate group strategies at the top (male) and all demonstrate equalitarianism(female) at the bottom to weaken the top. They are not strategies of intent, but they are strategies of survival.

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