Constitutional Revolution

Look: Truth, Formal Logic, Formal Language, and Law are Via-Negativas, and are not going to be as popular or as accessible as story, parable, analogy, and essay.Natural Law, Programming, and Math are not accessible.I’m never going to be popular for my formal work.Not my audience.

If you understand my work it’s that I’m advocating for the best interest of the common laboring, craftsman and middle class and their families. And not for the priestly, intellectual, bureaucratic, or dependent class. That’s the end result of moral law: Producers vs Parasites.

And so the conundrum is, that my formal work is in the interest of a class not necessarily able to access that work at a technical level, only DEMAND IT BE IMPLEMENTED. I cannot ‘dumb it down’ any more than we can dumb down calculus, programming, or strictly constructed law.

But the Constitution as it was written was a first attempt at formal articulation of the natural law of reciprocity and the market political order for market civilization: rule of law. We can complete that project and write a constitution strictly constructed under reciprocity.

The laboring, working, and entrepreneurial classes need only understand that constitution, and the processes of decision articulated therein. And the result of that law will be once again, a moral society in which good men and families prosper and parasites cannot.

But to bring about a moral order requires the organized use of violence to alter the status quo -at high personal cost to those men who are willing and able to demand that change.Revolution is necessary for the preservation of our prosperity. There was never a better time for it.

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