Did You Ever Break A Rule In Your Whole Life?

—”Did you Ever Break A Rule In Your Life?”—

As often as possible.

Rules are necessary for those who need them. Why?

1 – imitation ethics > 2 – rule ethics > 3 – outcome ethics.

Some of us must imitate becase we have no understanding.
Some of us follow rules because that is our understanding.
Some of us act to produce outcomes, becasue that is our understanding.

Some of us don’t imitate, don’t follow rules, but understand first principles and the outcomes that they produce.

There is only one rule: “Non imposition”

– impose no cost upon others by display, sound, word, or deed.
– impose no use, wear, or cost upon that which is not entirely yours by voluntary exchange.
– do not unto others as you would not have done unto you.
– do unto others only what they wish.
These are the only rules one need follow, because there is only one moral rule: non imposition.


There are no good rules that need saying.
There are many bad rules that are said.

There are many fools that need follow rules whether good or bad.

For the same reason that we do not like bulls in china shops.

They break things.


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