How Does Accounting Degree Differs From Economics Degree?

—-”How does accounting degree differs from economics degree?”—

(Note: economics in some countries means ‘business’ which means ‘gut course’. In Anglo countries, ‘economics’ refers to the measurement of behaviors, institutions, economies, policies, and investments using available data.)

The difference between Accounting and Economics is the difference between Arithmetic(accounting), Algorithms (computer science) and Calculus(economics) which is only a bit less difficult than Algebraic Geometry (physics), which is only a bit less difficult than Lie Groups(Pure Mathematics).

Economics requires the use of calculus and statistics largely for the purpose of ‘fitting’ data that doesn’t necessarily fit, because nothing you measure (no category) is causally consistent over time. This differs from Physics in which the categories we measure are constant we just don’t know what causes them (although we are slowly getting there).

Accounting is a clerical degree that the average person can obtain, and earn a middle class income.

Economics is one of the harder degrees because everything in economics is counter-intuitive, and it is math, data, (and logic) intensive.

If you are in the upper 10% of graduates, Economics is probably the highest value lifetime degree.


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