How Does The Level Of Genetic Similarity Compare Between Human Races And Between Dog Breeds?

This is a question that demonstrates a misunderstanding of the function of genes.

You can’t measure genetic distance by comparison of the genome but by comparison of the consequences produced by the combinations of genes over time.

In other words a single change may cause a disease, a small number of changes may produce profound consequences (such as variation in testosterone), and many many changes may cancel each other out, or must be required to operate in sequence to produce visible consequences (intelligence).

Humans are ‘grown’ not ‘manufactured’. Most of our variation occurs during the process of growth in utero in particular, then as we mature. Most variations occur because of different rates of growth and inhibitors.

Humans sort by visible and perceptible value to one another. Most of the time by reproductive and associative fitness. Hence low rotation of the classes.

Our classes and castes are equivalent to various dog breeds.

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