How Russians Misunderstand American Civilization


You (as most Russians) misunderstand the constitution, because Russians (somewhat like Germans) run their civilization by religion, philosophy and literature, and anglos run and always have run their society by rule of law of reciprocity.

Hence anglo fascination with empiricism, french with pseudo-moral literature, germans with rationalism (philosophy), and Russians with Literature. The jews also use law but it is poly ethical, where anglos use universally ethical.

The reason being is that russians have yet to develop a substianial commerical middle class that exports the ethics of reciprocity and truthful speech to the rest of the society through participation in the commercial economy.

This is all well understood in the research.

There is a very good reason that the stock market is dominant in America, the Bond market in London, heavy industry in germany, and military production in russia.


Now, I am a Russophile, and a resident of Ukraine. But I am also a political economist (I study institutions). Russian corruption is absurdly pervasive. And Russian mistrust as well understood as Chinese deception.

I would rather be a citizen of russia, run a business in america, labor in germany, and be educated in England. That is because each of us does something better than the other.

The only problem in this world that prevents the Circumpolar People (all of us) from Uniting is that russian foreign policy is correct, but russian expansion not. American foreign policy is incorrect, and american expansion not. If our people are to have a future it is by the incremental withdrawal of american empire from world affairs, and the unification of german technology and russian labor and resources.

America is lost to our people. The truth is russia and the Intermarium are our only hope. But that hope cannot come until russia matures into a fully diversified commercial economy and russians develop the trust in others that results from it.

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