I Am Not An Atheist, I Just Have No Tolerance For Lies, Particularly Lies By Suggestion And Obscurantism That Produce Ignorance&

1) i am not an atheist. I just have a scientific understanding of the gods.

2) Tracing the history of deception using the technique we call suggestion and obscurantism today, or Abrahamism (Pilpul) begins with scriptural religion which he started.

3) Zoroaster invented evil, as a means of dividing and ruling the iranians from the indians. He had no positive intentions. Monopoly is monopoly and the reason for monopoly is power that cannot be obtained by market means.

4) The short egyptian experiment was not monotheistic just primacy, as a means by which the ruler could eliminate the costly drag of the extensive clerical bureaucracy – which is why he moved the capital as well.

5) there is a reason for the success of far east and far west at the development of good government, reason, and the sciences, and why the people of the desert and steppe destroyed the four great civilizations of the ancient world, and dragged the center of the world into ignorance and poverty. And it begins with the first great lie.

All technological history is traceable, in every field, including the field of deception.

It begins with him. Zoroaster + Greek Idealism + Jewish Pilpul > Rabbinical judaism / christianity / Islam > the Abrahamic Dark Ages and 500M dead.

it continued with Rousseau > Kant > Marx > Boaz >Freud this time with pseudosciences instead of pseudo-rationalism or theology (supernaturalism).

Religion was invented by the east aryans as a way to explain their failure against the north and west aryans – their westward movement was not voluntary but necessary. (See Karen Armstrong). The monotheistic religions were developed to undermine the great empires (agrarians) via the pastoralists, women and slaves (the semitic poor). Judaism was limited, but they assisted in the development of christianity. Christianity spread by choice, and islam by the sword. finally the central asian people used gunpowder to develop the great gunpowder empires. The great civilizations were lost to history. Not the least of which was the damage done to india. And 500M people died of that slaughter. The byzantines and persians included.

So in my reading of history, we all like the people who write our favorite fairy stories. But those who invented utopian moral fictionalism are the most evil people in history because they caused more death with their demand for monopoly than anything but the great plagues and malaria.

Empirically speaking, the monotheists have been five times and murderous as the marxists.

What was the price of a 1500 year dark age? We have had only one other: the bronze age collapse and it was only half that duration, and during that period writing was even lost to the greeks.

The current era has seen the french revolt against science, the german revolt against science, the russian revolt against science, the jewish revolt against science, the chinese revolt against science, and now the muslim revolt against science.

Yet we drag humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, child mortality, early death, chronic disease, the plagues, the vicissitudes of nature – and meanwhile they cling to their fairy stories and lies like children to a mother’s skirt.

It is what it is.

So, either we seek the truth regardless of our feelings of it, or we seek lies for the purpose of their feelings.

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