I’m Liberal, But Also Concerned That A Lot Of Quora Questions Are Phrased To Make Conservatives Look Foolish. Is There Something Going On?

  1. Quora has a large contingent, (as do all online media) of groups that propagandize in the form of questions. The posts are posed as questions, but they are simply deceptive assertions (‘by suggestion’). These are, like all falsehoods, cheap to manufacture – and that is their value in poisoning the well. It is far cheaper to spread falsehoods by pretense and suggestion, than to defeat those falsehoods by evidence and argument. This is why propaganda by Marxist Activists is so successful despite being false.

    (The alt-right adopted the technique starting in about 2012 and it has infuriated the left to have their technique used against them.)

  2. There are innumerable students who do their homework by just posting questions on quora. These students are subject to daily indoctrination by postmodernist revisionist history and and propaganda. Their questions demonstrate their indoctrination.
  3. Propaganda: The French invented the idea, the Marxists invented this technique of ‘functionalism and pseudosciences’, the Soviets and Nazis institutionalized it, and Postmodernists have turned reality by chanting of falsehoods into an art form.


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