Kill All The Pseudoscientists, And Philosophers, Theologians? 😉

The philosophy of Marx, Lenin, and Mao (version two) cost >100M lives and the World wars, as well as that of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (version one) cost > 500M lives (islam), the destruction of the four great civilizations of the ancient world(islam), and a 1500 year dark age (christianity and islam).

And that’s before we even start thinking about all the others. The damage Kant did alone to german thought (Rousseau > Kant > Continental Philosophy > Marxism > Postmodernism) is certainly as damaging as version one (judaism, christianity, islam).

Why are the idealists, utopians, and theologians all writers who cause deaths by the excitement to suicide of millions?

Philosophy in its forms of pseudohistory, pseudoscience, pseudorationalism, and occult, has done more damage than anything other than malaria, smallpox, and the great plagues.

I mean, by this measure, we should kill everyone who speaks in fictionalisms: pseudoscience, rationalism, utopianism, supernaturalism.

It might be the single best improvement in mankind since the invention of antibiotics.

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