Money Functions As A Store Of Time

1 – The only commodity we are born with is time. if we were not short of time, then we would need nothing. we have needs and wants because we lack the time to obtain them ourselves.
2 – Through cooperation in a division of labor we save time. A division of labor is so disproportionately productie that no other human ability can compensate for it. The problem is, people need a coincidence of wants in order to cooperate.
3 – Although we only know we have saved time if others will trade something with us for it. Until then we have spent and possibly wasted time.
4 – When people voluntarily trade, they only do so if they have more after doing so than they did before. People do not trade at a loss because it only encourages those who parasitically deprive others.
5 – Ergo, all value is created during exchange, at which time, time is saved.
6 – And All value consists of saved time.
7 – All goods obtained in trade therefore save time, and demonstrate a creation of value or they would not have been traded.
8 – Any goods obtained by trade therefore serve as a store of value (no matter how small).
9 – Money (commodity money) not only stores value but is in universal demand for the simple reason that it is in universal demand.
10 – Money reduces the cost of opportunities because it is both light, divisible, commensurable, and because of the formation of prices ‘production is calculable’, and as a consequence ‘plannable’. And risks can be taken to produce for the market.

The reason ‘You’ err, is that you do not grasp that until you have traded for something you do not know if you have wasted time and the world’s resources or not.

We are not family. We are not kin. We are not friends. There is no common good other than the reciprocal benefit of cooperation on a coincidence of wants.

The first question of philosophy is and always will be ‘why do I not commit suicide?’ The first question of ethics is and always will be, ‘Why do I not kill you and take your things?” The first question of politics is ‘Why do I and mine not kill, enslave, or enserf, you and yours and take your things?”

This explains all that there is to explain.

Only the infantile, with minds of children, assume that the conditions of the family extend to the conditions of the polity, civilization and mankind.

And that is the problem. Children believe fairy tales.

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