No. Euphemisms Obscure Cause And Solution

We aren’t living in ‘parallel societies’ we are living in a EMPIRE just like every other empire in history, and this particular empire has vastly outlived its usefulness.


The answer is simple. We are wealthy enough to afford to express our differing reproductive strategies – strategies in which we can signal our fitness for that strategy optimally.

There exist only three methods of coercion? masculine violence, and hierarchy, neutral exchange and meritocracy, and feminine disapproval, shaming, ridicule, and rallying and equality.

The political spectrum reflects these reproductive strategies. (conservative masculine concentration of capital, libertarian exchange-neutral production of capital, and progressive redistributive communal consumption of capital.

The only solution by which each obtains his optimum interest is by the production of commons best negotiated in his interests.

Ergo – revolte, separate, diversity, specialize, compete, innovate, and prosper.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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