The Results Of The 2016 General Election, Is Proof The United States Isn’t? A Democracy, But A Plutocratic Oligarchy. Why Doesn’t? It End Its Hypocritical Crusade For Democracy, And Focus On Improving International Relations With China And Russia?

The united states is not ONE democracy, but a COLLECTION OF STATES all of whom agree to operate democratically and resolve conflicts in commerce and war via the federal government, similarly to how the Church formed a weak government over the various states of Europe.

The states, regions, and ‘nine’ super-regions, are genetically(yes), demographically, culturally, and legally different.

They are also of vastly different sizes, just as the states of europe(germanic), and eastern europe(slavic) are different sizes.

And while each state gains proportional representation in the house, equal representation in the senate, it is the majority of the STATES that determine the presidency – not one’s vote.

This was designed so that big (immigrant) states could not virtually enslave the smaller and more homogenous states.

When you vote, you vote for your state, not for the country, because you are just as much an enemy as a friend of people in other parts of the country. And this is how it was set.

If there is any question whatsoever of as SINGLE democracy, then we do not live in separate states each satisfying the want and needs of the groups that inhabit them, then we are a tyrannical empire that oppresses those states.

The underlying problem is why we joined vastly different civilizations in 1789 did not separate after the war of 1812 when the north wanted to secede, did not separate in 1865, when the south wanted to secede, and do not separate today when it appears that at least five, but ast many as ten different nations, consisting of subsets of our states, want to seceded.

The only problem heretofore has been external military pressure. Without the european aggression of the pre-war period, or the opportunity to ‘steal’ the western 3/4 of the continent after the Louisiana Purchase, or defend ourselves from postwar communism, (and it looks like communism’s follow-on: islamism is coming to an end) then there is no reason to remain united whatsoever, when the consequence is constant internecine warfare slowly turning into open civil war.

Our government is an empire that has outlived its usefulness as holding the world system of finance and trade together after the collapse of european colonialism.

It’s time to return to the norm of western civilization: small states that cater to the wants and needs of their people – not to the will of the majority who, by all measures, will always be those least able, least productive, least knowledgeable, and demonstrably least moral.

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