What Are Some Things That Some People Consider Meaningful Being In This World And Some Others Don’t, That Are Both For Mysterious Reasons?

Well, I sort of specialize in the operational description (de mystifying) of what appears to be complex but really is quite trivial. And there is very, very, little in the human condition that I can’t describe in tediously scientific terms.

However, the grammar, semantics, and knowledge necessary to do so and exercise with any degree of confidence is quite difficult to obtain.

So for the vast majority of people, that which is mysterious is that which they don’t understand – and that which they don’t understand (at least marginally) is increasingly limited to minds of others – because we have so specialized to the point which we are less and less understanding of one another, and more and more living isolated self-narratives, in little boxes, surrounded by acquisitions, and substituting media-and-entertainment-friends, and pets, for children, family, friends, and kin.

The conflict of civilizations will remain as the language of decidability (science) increasingly renders the non human commensurable, while individual economic self sufficiency renders the human and communal increasingly inaccessible.

I suspect male suicide rates in america will become a world health problem in by the end of the century.


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