Which Groups Tend To Be More Marginalized, Religious Or Ethnic?

—-”Which groups tend to be more marginalized, religious or ethnic?”—-

The correct if unpleasant answer.

  1. All groups that cannot, do not, or slowly integrate and compete are marginalized (disciplined). And furthermore, they should be, until they integrate so thoroughly that the marginalization (discipline for non conformity) does not exist, because the cost of their integration does not exist.
  2. Groups disrespect(discipline, outcast, or boycott,) competition with (against) their traditions, norms, status, and laws. And there is good reason to do so: they are paying a high cost of integrating underdeveloped peoples – without any benefit of doing so.
  3. Any group that is marginalized (disciplined, disrespected, outcast, boycotted) must have a reason for invading (moving to) a society that disciplines them. The question is, if the traditions, institutions, norms, status signals, and laws, are more desirable in the culture that they are invading, then therefore the traditions, institutions, norms, and status signals that they bring with them are de-facto ‘bad’.
  4. So, when in Rome do as Romans do, or do not go to Rome.
  5. Ergo, it depends on whether the invader (disciplined, marginalized) group is genetically problematic (ethnic) because they have an larger undomesticated under, working, or middle class, that forces the host group to bear the costs of their lack of genetic domestication – or whether they are cultural competitors (religious) that forces the host group to bear the cost of training the underdeveloped norms and traditions. Or whether they are commercial competitors, which most groups seem to tolerate as a benefit at the cost of some status signal loss. Or whether they are institutional competitors, bringing with them a competing law. Or whether they are military competitors, which all groups despise.
  6. It is possible to force all of the above costs on a host people: Genetic, Cultural, Commercial, Institutional(law), and Military.

That’s the answer. Groups are marginalized (disrespected, disciplined, outcast, boycotted) because they should be.

So the groups that are more marginalized (disciplined) than the others are the groups that are most costly to integrate.

And therefore “the most costly groups are those with the greatest cumulative set of costs: in the combination of genetic, cultural, commercial, institutional, and military.

(NOTE: Ergo why Islam is so costly and so universally resisted. It’s dysgenic, culturally primitive, low trust, commercially weak, imposes competing laws, is intellectually regressive and entirely anti-intellectual, and was spread entirely by violence, at the cost of destroying the four great civilizations of the ancient world, as well, as costing 500M deaths. Islam has a simple strategy which is to breed at the bottom – the inverse of the great civilizations: far west and far east.)


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