Why Are North Africans And Middle-easterners Not Considered White In America?

Because ‘white’ is a proxy for “Northern European Christian, for people no longer confined to europe, and no longer particularly christian, but increasingly aristotelian.”

Even among europeans, we separate mediterraneans (southern europeans of greco-anatolian ancestors, from northern europeans (germanics and nordics). Italy really should divide into greek southern and german northern -except southern italy would then descend into the same poverty as has greece.

And we separate slavs from germanics and nordics. Technically speaking ‘whites’ (europeans) evolved in poland-ukraine-russia, and evolved into modern ‘whites’ (europeans) on the north and baltic seas. It was only after the roman genocide against the Celts (Gaels) that the north germanic tribes were able to press south into Celtic (central european) lands and attack the empire.

To some degree the Catholic(poor), protestant (Hajnal line), orthodox (outside hajnal line) map to genetic clades (mediterraneans and partial mediterraneans), germanics-nordics, and slavs.

The subraces of west eurasia appear to have developed around the black sea. There were at least three major branches of proto-whites. (a) european, (b) balkan, (c) anatolian, (d)iranian and (e) those who evaporated upon entry into india. Some number of these people formed an early civilization on the narrows between what was ethiopia and today’s yemen. This appears to be where todays arabs and jews originated, and the migrated northward.

The area of lebanon today evolved into a trading center that dominated the mediterranean until the greco-roman era, when rome (unfortunately) conquered that civilization. Some number of these people formed the ancient mesopotamian cities giving rise to the semitic language.

In the era of nation states and empires we tend to think of territories, but in the early development of civlization, humans evolved near water. All of the dominant peoples developed near bodies of water.


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