Why Are People Attracted To Socialism? Infantilism.

It is because you begin with the child’s relationship to the parent (family), not the political relationship between families, clans, tribes, and nations.

1 – The first question of rational choice is “why don’t I commit suicide”.

2 – The first question of ethics, is, and always will be, “Why don’t I kill you and take your stuff?”

3 – The first question of politics, is, and always will be “why don’t me and mine, kill you and yours, and take your stuff.

4 – The first question of all relations is “why don’t I/we kill you/you(plural) and take your stuff?”

It is only after answering the question, that we decide how we cooperate or not.


A female, a child, (and a beta male) all admit their weakness and irrelevance when they begin with the presumption of the value of cooperation.

Cooperation is only valuable until it is not.

Hence, as an advocate for the organizational model of the family, all of whom demonstrate kin selection, you are attracted to the extension of that kin selection outside of your kin, and to the socialist’s (child,female) strategy.

You seek it as ideal for the underclass family (genetic inferiors) but is not the ideal for the middle and upper class family (genetic superiors).

And the markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, and polities, are the means by which the competent evolve and the incompetent are removed from the gene pool – or at least, some equilibrium is maintained. Hence why those of us who exterminated our underclasses (east asians and western europeans) possess higher distributions in the middle and upper middle and the other groups possess lower distributions in the lower middle, and lower classes, and especially the extremely costly underclasses.

So some of us are fully mature adults and understand this, and some of us are still infantilized (or coddled) and do not.
The strong and able need a reason not to kill, enslave, enserf the weak and less able. And markets and rule of law, are the only means by which it is more profitable to cooperate for all than for the strong and able to enserf, enslave, prey upon, or kill the weak and unable.

It takes about .001% of the male population to alter the political order. Socialism provides the incentive for the strong to defeat the weak. The only reason socialism had any footing whatsoever is that the christian peoples have a desperate desire to virtue signal their magnanimity – as a means of imitating their ancestral nobility.

Everywhere even the most feeble attempt has been tried, the outcome has been cyclical degeneration of knowledge, craft, economy, norm, and tradition. Just as religions produced a cyclical degeneration of the same.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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