Why Does The Media Always Show Grieving Black People At A School Shooting Where All The Victims Are White?


If you look at the ethnicity, gender, and academic degrees of media members at all levels (you can do this without much difficulty by picking any outlet and doing a trivial bit of research), you will find obvious, ethnic, gender, and degree similarities that are unavoidable.

The attack on western civilization (nuclear family, empiricism, meritocracy, rule of law, markets in everything) has been going on for over a century. But between the postwar immigration of underclasses, and the 1965 immigration act designed specifically to undermine western civilization’s demonstrated falsification of the marxist program, and the 1965 and later invasion of the universities (sometimes at gunpoint) by the postmodernists and their pseudosciences, we have produced a vast number of ‘education, journalism, psychology, sociology, and literature’ degrees that are very little different from the majority of the clergy.

This pseudoscientific, pseudorational, and philosophical denial of empiricism, truth, and reason, serves as a secular relgiion that replaced the church and pulpit with postmodern nonsense, instead of theological nonsense.

We replaced the Military Industrial Complex and the Church with the Bureaucratic Complex and The Academy-Media Complex as the church.

It’s pretty obvious that the academy which was originally created by the church (particularly Harvard and Yale in america) simply stepped in to replace the church’s supernatural theology, with the marxist-postmodernist secular theology, with the only difference being pseudoscience and pseudorealism this time versus supernaturalism.

Data is data is data. Genders, Classes, and Groups pursue whatever group competitive strategy that they inherited from their parents and all that changes from generation to generation over the centuries is the vocabulary and excuses we make for pursuing those strategies.

Western civ evolved not first but fastest because the nuclear family, empiricism, rule of law of reciprocity, and the resulting markets in all aspects of life, both forced continuous innovation, prohibited rents (other than the church, which made most capital in europe stagnant), allowed downward migration of middle classreproduction and produced the greatest eugenic evolution outside of the ashekanzi and chinese (who did so by bureaucratic market rather than commercial means).

The evolutionary strategies of human females was to use disapproval, shaming, ridicule, and gossip to constrain alphas by organizing betas to resist them. This process continues today but in industrial form.

There is nothing more sophisticated going on, than we did with our simian ancestors. It’s all hooting, hollering, gossip and shaming to control alphas. We just have industrialized the process from storyteller, to pulpit, to the written word, to the printed word, to the electronically transmitted word.

But the apes still fling feces, while the aristocracy (paternal) creates technology, competition, markets, and law – dragging the same primitive instincts out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, child mortality, early death, disease, the vicissitudes of nature, and a universe that is by all accounts hostile to life.

It’s really trivially simple – like all of science.


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