Why I Am A Christian

It is pretty hard to be better than a good christian for the simple reason that the path to goodness – now from catholics as well as protestants – is ‘personal (direct) works of charity’ toward those in your proximity.

(and I argue that all else is just virtue signaling – a kind of fraud and the opposite of the christian mandate).

The principle virtue of such a mandate is that it’s entirely empirical. It’s deeds(actions) not beliefs(self congratulations) or rituals (self insulations).

There is no better theology than action in the service of others.

If you can do so my charity (caretaking).
If you can do so by production (trade)
If you can do so by war (violence)

Germanicized Christianity (as of vatican II, we are all protestants now) creates the civil society.

Everything else is just virtue signaling so someone else does the work, pays the costs, or takes the risk, and you can feel good about escaping from it.

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