Why Is America So Complicated?

—-”Why is America so complicated?”—-

Because the experiment in middle-class rule, using the single law of reciprocity (natural law), with all legislation strictly constructed from that single law of reciprocity, and the darwinian and maxwellian revolution that explained it has been systematically undermined beginning with the civil war, exacerbated by excessive immigration in the 1920’s, and expressly so since the 1960s failure of world communism, and its replacement by postmodernism (denial of sciences).

In other words.

1 – We had a Perfect Government of the classes, and states, under rule of natural law (reciprocity). A monarchy as a judge of last resort, commercial nobility representing the states, and small business owners representing their families.

2 – Instead of adding a house of ‘labor’ then a house of ‘women’, and continuing the use of houses as markets for production of commons between the classes, we created a monopoly under the pretense of democracy, and thus single class (underclass) rule.

3 – Since the underclass can never organize, produce, manage, or govern, the and since the priesthood was disenfranchised under the scientific revolution, a new secular priesthood evolved out of the academy using liberalism(activism), then marxism (underclass), socialism (working class), and postmodernism(clerical class), and feminism (single motherhood) with pseudoscience and the false promise of prosperity under the secular priesthood control, replacing supernaturalism and the false promise of prosperity after death under the supernatural priesthood’s control.

4 – And as such we live in a world of lies.


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