Women And Debate In Social Media

(from elsewhere)

These groups simply improve one’s ability to debate, articulate one’s ideas, and identify the hollows in your undrestanding.

Men in particular debate (or argue) as a means of developing a framework without exposing themselves to the vulnerability of suggestion.

It is part of and parcel of being male – most of us find no … interest … in learning without the stimulation of some sort of competition – hence the decline in male school performance by the introduction of females who have the opposite incentives.

So for women in particular, a male dominated means of learning is … often unpleasant.

And for strong females, the rather shallow method of female communication with its overemphasis on conformity and non confrontation is too stultifying.

Libertarians are better company for the aspirational women as they bridge the gap between male and female sentiments for the simple reason that they care very little about hierarchy.

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