Your Purpose? Let Me Tell You…

Your purpose as is the purpose of every other life form is to perpetuate your genes by the capture of differences in rates of entropy and to expend it as waste heat. That’s your purpose. You perpetuate the temporary concentration of energy as a means of producing higher returns on the concentration of energy.

Our ability to think and remember evolved for very simple reasons: creatures that can empathize with intent, imitate, and cooperate without violating reciprocity, can, through the cooperateive concentration of energy on high returns, produce greater caloric capture than any other evolutionary solution the universe has yet discovered by trial and error.

However, since self awareness has been a byproduct of that evolutionary innovation, and since along with that self awareness is the need to be valued by (useful to others) because otherwise we would have less incentive to cooperate and produce outsized returns – you need to find some means of surviving while at the same time either feeling not-harmful, useful if possible, and contributory if possible, and dramatically contributory if possible, because this is what status signals and fulfillment refer to.

Most unsatisfied (unfulfilled) people are unwilling to or unable to admit their low potential, low value, low status, and low contribution and will not spend the effort to obtain mediocre returns suited to their abilities.

hence why charity is so attractive and useful – it takes very little effort to produce outsized cooperative returns for those of even less value to others than you are.

This chain of providing value to those less valuable to than you are is how the entire in-class, and cross-class, social, economic, political, and military hierarchy manages to function given that some of us are unfit, unattractive, have undesirable personalities, and are stupid, are from bad families, and bad groups – and some of us are fit, attractive, have desirable personalities, are intelligent and from good families and groups.

Come to terms with your status and ability and serve those who need your service. This is why christians are so disproportionately happy and christian civilizations are so disproportionately productive: we are mercilness with producing purely empirical status signals. everyone else tries to fake them.

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