—“Curt, on Ireland’s Referendum. Your Position on Abortion?”—

Well, you know, I would have said something very different before I worked on natural law, because my intuitions are pretty libertarian. But now that I have, I’m against abortion, pro birth control, pro enforced birth control, and pro sterilization. And I would rather see punishment of girls who get pregnant, and the boys that get them pregnant, than tolerate abortions – even if the data says that unwanted children produce extraordinarily bad externalities. Altruistic punishment of those who fail to suppress their impulses a good thing. Fear of failure to suppress your impulses is a good thing. Having been there myself I understand. I also understand that the option only subsidizes the problem And even though I hate the idea myself, like capital punishment some unpleasantries are what they are. Some things are not to be trifled with, and creating life is one of them. And decidable is decidable, and it’s when we lie to ourselves and each other, that we have difficulty solving problems that are in fact, always decidable. Abortion is decidable. The decision is ‘no’.

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