“Do You Believe in The Big Bang?”

—“Do you believe in The Big Bang and other ‘Nihilistic’ science fiction”— a silly person

(putting aside the fraudulence of that statement, lol…)

I don’t ‘believe’ in anything as you understand that term. I maintain a collection of possibilities that are as yet unsolved, a set I suspect are solved, and a set of things I cannot yet refute.

I’m a scientist. My conceptual framework is via-negative (survival) or what you might consider ‘darwinian’. And all knowledge is forever contingent.

As I understand it and I think I understand it as well as anyone living, we can describe what we can see, and we cannot describe what we can’t, and there is a lot we can’t, and the remaining problems we can solve in what we see, appear by all accounts to be determined by what we cannot see.

Of the known options the idea of collection of bubbles (universes) holds the highest explanatory power, with the least demand for that which violates what we now of geometry.

My value judgement of the structure of the universe has no influence over the truth or falsehood of it.

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