No, Philosophy(choice) Is Subordinate to Science (truth)

Again, economics and law, defeat philosophy, religious tradition, and moral justificationism. Demonstrated vs Reported. Always and everywhere.

—“Philosophy is more fundamental than economics. The notion of making choices, based on rewards and punishment, implies some form of ethics, which itself is a branch of philosophy. Economics is not a floating abstract, disconnected from ethics or philosophy.”— Mark Goodkin

It’s actually just physics. Morality=reciprocity, an reciprocity is the only system of measurement a cooperative species can use and survive.

Philosophy allows us to choose preferences, but truth and falsehood are in the domain of science.

Historically this relationship was mistakenly reversed because it threatened the status quo. Philosophy(middle class) like religion (underclass) is just the record of dissatisfaction: opposition literature. The ruling class rules, and they rule by law, and law and economics require reciprocity to fund the requirements for maintaining power.

Science has a great track record. Philosophy has very arguable (if not certainly) done more harm than good. And theology has certainly done more harm than all but malaria and the black plague.

May 21, 2018 11:59am

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