Right Sector 

Right Sector seized military weaponry from an Interior Ministry arsenal in western Ukraine, near Lviv, towards the end of the Maidan revolution.

Following the collapse of the Yanukovych government, with police having largely abandoned the streets of Kiev, groups of young men, including members of Right Sector, patrolled them armed mostly with baseball bats and sometimes with guns.

Right Sector recruited retired officers of the interior ministry and the security agencies.

Right Sector delivered some weapons to Ukrainian authorities in the aftermath of the revolution, and kept others.

Petro Poroshenko in an interview with DW English in late 2015, claimed that Right Sector was going to be disarmed and taken out of operations in Donbass, but still hasn’t done so as of 2017.

Right Sector holds the position that the population should keep and bear arms, as in Switzerland.[110] Yarosh told the New York Times that the organization’s lawyers were drafting a bill modeled on Swiss notions of firearms possession.

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