Spring Curt Quotes

In the battles of sophisms between sophists the articulate wins. that’s the problem: we want truth to win.

You can use sophism to state a truth or sophism to state a falsehood. By using sophism to state a truth you have done nothing to insure that truth against defeat by sophisms that are false.

(yes, I mean you, jordan peterson, et al.)

I told you in 2015 “We are the new right”, back when it was clear to me that the nazi right and the alt right would run out of gas. Anti doesn’t work. You have to be FOR something.

We are the New Right.


woman: “Curt have you picked out your rug and curtains for your place in hell?”
curt: “They don’t let you have curtains or a rug in a padded cell….”


Truth has no mercy. It slaughters our most cherished lies. Without mercy.
And without those lies we have no choice but truth and markets.
And no means of circumventing exchanges.

—How many people alive are capable of shouldering that responsibility?”—Dawid Wella

Enough to rule….
…..those who cannot.

—You know there are just enough morons crawling out of the woodwork to make you lose your faith in humanity. Well, actually there are a perpetual series of tidal waves of them, and it’s really hard to get out of the way….–CD

We have seen Baltimore and LA, but nothing will compare to empty ATM’s, Empty Stores, no EBT’s, and hordes of the unwashed in the streets terrorizing the middle classes, and laying waste to the upper middle and upper. #Trump If we have a civil war the disaster will make history.—  CD

—“If you aren’t willing to die for freedom you’re already a slave”— Kevin Ruckus … –(I’d use sovereignty instead of freedom or liberty but the sentiment is the same 😉 )–CD

—The vast majority of us would have little need for philosophy if we started working prior to adolescence. It’s the institutionalized infantilism of mandatory but largely useless education after grade six, that forces us to grasp at rhetorical straws out of sequestration, ignorance, and propaganda.—CD

—“God is dead. We killed him. Now, let’s drink his blood and take responsibility for our emotional, mental and social health without the use of lies.”—Bill Joslin

There is that whole responsibility thing again… damn. 😉

( Bill usually provides the gentle version, and Eli the extreme version. But Bill? …Whoa. I don’t even go there… )

If you ever ran a company of any scale at all the last thing you would want is voters controlling the decisions.
There is a reason CEO’s exist.  And there is a reason Kings existed.
It’s one thing to collectively fire a ceo or execute a king.
It’s quite another to suggest any form of democracy is a good thing.

The left will continue to double down.
The right will say ‘enough’.
It’s not complicated.

Well, moral LAW is objective (Logical and Scientific), moral NORMS are evolved, and moral PREFERENCES are expression of personal reproductive strategy. The problem is everyone assumes it works the other way ’round.

—“Civilizations differ radically among themselves.
From civilization to civilization, however, the few civilized men acknowledge each other with a discreet smile.”—Nicolas Davila via Ahmed Reda

Absolutely. A few of us converge on the truth of it all. The only difference is the drag of our demographics and institutions…. lol

And some of us are dragging some serious dead weight… lol

It’s not complicated. Most men just don’t want to be lied to any longer. Whereas women find comfort in being lied to if it increases the incentive for harmony (decreases perceived conflcit, competition and threat).

Yes, well the secret of religious devotion especially for women is that the truth is less important than belonging (conformity). It is almost impossible to find a woman that is not a victim of this particular cognitive drive. It supercedes her reason at nearly all times, and is the cause of victim mentality in women who are simply unsafe and fall in to victim spirals seeing rapists everywhere.

—“Curt: Thanks for writing about autism. I knew nothing about it and I was working with someone on the spectrum – who knows he is – and instead of finding his behaviors frustrating I could frame and understand them them.”— A Friend.

Helping each other on the journey man. 😉 -hugs.

—“Women are devoted, and men are loyal. There’s a difference.”—

women choose. women choose what they understand. women must learn to understand what is good, not what is familiar.

( I don’t have the luxury of holding onto ideas I hold dear. That’s my job. Truth knows no mercy. )

Sorry, but if you look at history genocide has an exceptionally successful and beneficial history for the victors. Which is why they’re doing to us what they did to the Itals (Romans)

It is just as hard to deny allies the familiar safe grounds of self destruction than to move them to unfamiliar grounds of survival. Unfortunately the work of the creative theorist includes denying well intentioned fools of otherwise good character, refuge in the familiar but self destructive. In this way we move people into new choices as much by denying them defection as we do by presenting them with opportunities for persistence.

One begs for friends, sells customers, attracts followers, and commands dependents. Your value determines which role you play. Create value.

It never occurs to communists what they have to trade with sovereignists.

—“If we forcibly moved all of them to Palestine, then in about four centuries they’ll be ethically protestant. Why? Landholding ethics, and high trust ethics needed to scale organizations. Either that or they’d be defeated. We forget they had a professional class but never a middle MANAGERIAL class.”—CD

Intuitable and decidable are two very different things.

The reason to lead is because everyone else is even worse. Not because you want to – but because you must.

a band becomes a militia, a militia an army, an army a nation.

The Origin of the West: The Militia
Constitution is nothing but a contract.
A contract is nothing without insurance.
That insurance is nothing but the militia.
That militia nothing but moral men bearing arms.

—OK. REPEATING THE BASICS: If you have rule of law of reciprocity, then you must as a consequence produce markets in everything, which will include markets for commons, which will include charity (subsidy) among kin.–CD

—I prosecute disapproval, ridicule, shaming, gossiping and rallying as an infantile substitute for argument – it just so happens that (as you demonstrate) women have a far higher proclivity for emoting rather than debating. Which is why women have the deserved reputation for resorting to instinctual disapproval – as if their approval mattered – rather than doing the work of reasoning to produce truth and truth alone, regardless of their approval or disapproval –  as in male discourse. Much to the frustration of feminists everywhere who desperately try create pseudosciences and excuses for justifying worthless opinion over valuable argument. — CD

—Rabbinical Judaism (Pilpul) was to Lying, what Greek Logic (Mathematics) was to Truth. Between lying and truth was an opportunity for lying by myth.–CD

—The problem in discourse is very rarely intelligence. Its either intellectual honesty, lack of agency, or both.–CD

—Men get agency and women get health. Not sure men get much of a bargain for absorbing cellular damage.–CD

—WHAT DOES SJW “EQUITY” MEAN? It means they are rebelling against everyone else for their low sexual, social, economic, and political market value, because of their genetic, behavioral, and aesthetic inferiority. That’s actually the reason. They want equality of outcome, but they mean, literally changing their social status from undesirable to desirable. — CD

—You see, I see african ‘humility’ as both a blessing and a curse. It is not that helpful, but humility is easier to transform into heroic optimism, than islamic overconfidence, and Hindu over-investment in ‘magic’. Islam is the greatest danger to Africa for this reason. —CD

—“This [America] is the only place on earth where a human being is respected for what he is and what he does, and it does not matter who he is and where he came from.”— Rachmaninoff upon becoming an American citizen.
Unfortunately, the postmodern effort has attempted to reverse this, such that it matters more who you are (race, ethnicity, class, gender)  and where you came from (anywhere other than white).–CD

—The one to kill is Zoroaster. After him, Abraham (assuming he existed), after him Saul. After him Augustine. After him, Constantine before he ascended the throne. After him Muhammed (probably the most important). After him, Napoleon, thereby preventing the need to unify Germany. After him Marx. The only reason to get to hitler is because these people existed.–CD

—( I mean, if you disagree with me, ask a question but don’t come at me all full of sound and fury signifying nothing. I tend to think things because of lots of cross referenced data. Some times I’m defining, some times I’m describing, some times I’m experimenting, sometimes I’m fostering conversation, and some times I’m just creating a bit of havoc. But … jeez, please don’t just give me some mises institute, or marxists idiocy. I don’t actually like calling people stupid.)–CD

—Disapproval, shaming, rallying, as a substitute for argument (conflation of good/bad with true/false ) is gender biased cognitive bias, just as is psychosis/solipsism vs psychopathy/autism. Either make the argument or at least be honest and say you can’t. But don’t waste my time.—CD

—Um. You don’t understand. Law must be constructed in the context of the individual, because only individual crimes are decidable. But legislation, or what we call Policy, because it is only as families we have common interests.–CD

—“Curt, I’ve been following your work since I first heard you on Red Ice and Counter-Currents. You’re ability to synthesize such a wide range of topics is incredibly valuable in a data saturated age. I appreciate it hugely and will continue to closely follow your work. Also appreciate your moderation and tendency to avoid the genetic and other simplistic racial fallacies. Definitely desperately needed on the New Right. Thanks for doing what you do- looking forward to that book!”— A Friend.   (Hugs brother. Thanks for stoking the fires of dedication to the work. 😉 —CD)

—I don’t publish these private messages often, but I get them every day, and they are the most fulfilling part of my life:

—“Hello Curt. As I’ve never written you before and believe there’s something that must be said I just will. Thank you for putting your work out there for the public. I think you are doing a great contribution to science as a method as well as how it’s understood. Peterson is doing a lot of good helping people believe in themselves, but I admire your tenacity and commitment to getting to the truth of it all. Cheers.”—

Love you all brothers and sisters.—CD

—Are you kidding me? My hero is Palpatine. The Empire did nothing wrong. 😉 –CD

—There are no limits in the bedroom other than the safe word.–CD

—(In response to a Turkish Muslim Rant against the high concentration of homosexuality in the west).  Westerners do not judge the character of individuals by whether they practice homosexuality . We do however judge the character of individuals by whether they practice bestiality. 😉 –CD
—It’s not that americans are necessarily dumber than europeans, but that they’re worse educated, indisciplined, overconfident, and overzealous.–CD

—My understanding is that men cheat but rarely defect. Women cheat and more frequently defect. The reason being that other than novelty and cost of access, women are marginally indifferent in utility. Whereas other than novelty, men are marginally different in utility. Most of the time, people cheat for novelty, test of sexual market value, and retaliation. Economics in everything.—CD

—INCOME DIFFERENCES ARE LOYALTY PAYMENTS – Specialization in truth, calculation, competition, risk, and winning conflicts is more of a competitive advantage at the top of the organization. Salary Differences are most often (a) that specialization, and (b) loyalty payments.– CD

–BAD TASTE – Bad taste is a matter of ignorance (lack of skill), and therefore lack of ability, lack of investment, or malinvestment.–CD

–Yes scale increases selection influence and decreases drift influence and hence speciation is possible TO CONTROL.—CD

“I pray thee gods, deliver us unto kings, and save us from the people.”–CD

—“Nobody is out of the gene pool, unless they don’t reproduce.”—A Friend.
Apparently you don’t understand the difference between pools(ponds, lakes), rivers, and oceans?–CD

—A judge of natural law does not depend upon the comprehension of the judged, any more than a mathematician on the comprehension of the audience.—CD

–Understanding is overrated, and volition over-estimated. I don’t expect people to understand. I only expect them to obey natural law or bear the painful consequences.–CD

–Soldiers should believe themselves valorous and a general should let them. But the reason they win is they were given an opportunity by the generals such that valor was a plentiful reward, and relatively easy for them to obtain–CD

–If we remove the wealth and order, then the tolerance, like the dam will end, and the natural pressure of the conflict will produce deterministic ends.– CD

–What would happen if we prevented renting in cities the way we prevent renting in suburbs?–CD

–What makes women equal to one another and in value to men, is childbearing.–CD

—I define religion in terms of techniques of learning mindfulness(confidence) and the consequent externalities good and bad.—CD

We are only engaged in reciprocity if we are cooperating. if we are not cooperating because of lack of shared opportunity that is still reciprocity. If we are not cooperating because of predation or parasitism, then that is war.–CD

We will either separate or terminate – and termination of whom by whom is a random outcome. Ergo, as always, the optimum solution to conflict is boycott: nationalism.–CD

—“This is a major genetic cause of corruption and low-trust in these nations.The restriction of marriage to relatives decreases the level of outgroup altruism, resulting in the general trend of corruption in these nations.”—CD

—1. Exhaustion of INTERPERSONAL Opportunity to Cooperate wins. 2. The Most Intolerant POLITICAL Group Wins. BE INTOLERANT.–CD

There is no difference between your body and my wallet.–CD

The only people that matter, are the people who fight. That’s why.—CD

—“The only way to defeat intolerance (of civilisation, meritocracy, commons) is by being even more intolerant of deceit and non-reciprocal costs.”—CD

—“Well my take is that the brain structure evolved for graceful improvement and graceful failure of decidability. Our problem is we cannot introspectively observe this process below the emotional threshold.”—CD

—“You don’t understand. Sovereignty is decidable. The first cause of western civ is this decidability – a feature that no other has.”—CD

—So it looks like we are going to start talking openly about a plan for … revolution and civil war to devolve the influence of the federal government. I don’t expect we will publish those conversations here.”— CD

–My current opinion is that verbal ability in a population and low vs high context is disproportionately influential on rates of development – and until we have better understanding of the genome I can’t but say “It sure looks like the causal axis”.–CD

–The reason we have cognitive science is because psychology was pure nonsense and so a group branched off to create a science where previously there was none.–CD

–My presumption of best way = continuous competition (empiricism), and continuous success at competition (dynamic markets), which requires continuous defeat of the red queen (regression to the mean), by continuous improvement of the gene pool (kin group eugenics.)–CD

–I try to write natural law of reciprocity, and not presume a good. In my view all monopolies are false *(bad)*. Instead, how do we provide a suite of market solutions that generally solve the problem without fighting human incentives.–CD

—Doolittle’s Analytic Anglo Law vs Land’s Synthetic Continental Literature vs M’s Jewish Critique vs Hoppe’s Kantian Rationalism. Different grammars. Different justifications[Many roads to Rome], same objective. But, of them which criticism and solution is most complete, and least open to interpretation and therefore most institutable as law? Then, once we have that law, where do we search for opportunities within it? That’s where you look for Nick Land.—CD

—“It’s not that Keynesian economics is unscientific it’s that it’s immoral. It’s not so much that German Rationalism and Jewish Cosmopolitan rationalism are not simply a backwards-expression of intuitionism and operationalism under empiricism, despite it’s inability to produce insights and only explain them. It’s instead, that the rationalist position is an attempt to intellectually outlaw investigation into emergent economic phenomenon – which is the purpose of scientific investigation, just as much as experimental psychology is the discipline that investigates first principles – and which has discovered the reason for our long list of cognitive biases that produce non-rational actions not anticipated by the classical model.” – CD

–“[A]s far as I know, the only meaningful reason to study economics for use in ethics and politics, is to justify the rule of law (Nomocracy), under the single rule of property rights, where property rights is as defined under Propertarianism, as property-en-toto (demonstrated property). And where that body of law suppresses sufficient involuntary transfer of property-en-toto, that the formation of a Nomocratic polity is possible. And where the formation and perpetuation of that polity is possible, because transaction costs are sufficiently suppressed that a rational choice for Nomocracy is possible, over a rational choice for statism. And that the normative preference of nomocratic rule over statist rule is maintained by the constant exercise of that body of law in daily life, rather than a philosophical-rational, religio-moral, pedagogically-instructional, or normatively-habituated means of persistence.”–CD

–“We are not equal. We have different abilities. Limited value to one another. But if we all specialize and do our duty we can defeat the red queen.”–CD

Investment is a fact.
Possession is contingent.
Property is what the strong agree it is.
Property rights are what the strong are willing to insure.

Be the strong.
It all begins with the militia.

Against Those Who Counter Signal Revolt:

—“What you mean is that you are projecting, and you’re a coward. Plenty of us revel in these opportunities. The way you get people involved is to take from them. you take from them by removing their futures, opportunities, property, people, home, relationships, and most of all ‘certainty’. Humans have very little idea how much of their illusion of self confidence and control is dependent upon regularity over which they have no control. if you knew anything about civil war and revolution you would know that. To get people involved in a revolution, you take from them. Even if its only their sense of predictability.”—

The herd will run from the pack.

—-“Seems like China is going to be 1984 and the West is going to be Brave New World. The future looks pretty screwed unless something radical is done.”—- Philip Saunders

–RULE IS THE MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY – Let’s Return To Our Original Occupation–CD

–WARS ARE FOR-PROFIT ADVENTURES – Venture Capitalism At It’s Finest.–CD

—You wanna priest to tell you comforting half truths, then go ask one. I’m a judge and prosecutor of natural law. Truth and reciprocity aren’t comforting. They just are decidable. And if you don’t like those decisions you have to ask why you’re trying to free ride, seek rents, or steal from others.  –CD

The end result of the british goverment is deterministically caretaker bolshevism. The Russian empire needed a means of homogenous conquest. British government after losing the empire has taken on a means of conquest – of its own people. UK=SOVIETS V2–CD

Dont be stupid. The difference between races, subraces, tribes and classes is demonstrated by ingroup preference (Kin selection). The fact that species can or cannot cross reproduce says nothing about what they prefer to reproduce with, and what they prefer to reproduce with is that which they can judge superiority and inferiority (investment) between.

um. We all wish libertarianism was possible, just like we all wish dating victoria’s secret models was possible. Neither is possible because of the asymmetry of interests.. So it’s back to having to do the hard work of constructing rule of law, by the organised use of violence, and obtaining liberty as a consequence. We won’t get scarce tens voluntarily and liberty is a ten.

—Um, just tax people by population density. It’s not complicated. It’s progressive as hell. Higher density means lower cost of commons maintenance and lower opportunity cost, and higher income. Now we progressively tax income but we don’t progressively tax benefits from the commons, and give credit for maintenance of the commons.—CD

—” Lying, Cheating, Stealing > Pilpul > Critique > Postmodernism.  Where marxism is pseudoscience, postmoderinsm is simply returning to outright lying by means of critique.”—CD

—“Truth benefits all, at the expense of those who lie. All abrahamism is a lie. All people under abrahamism declined. There is no difference between drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, abrahamic religion, and buddhist religion: It is all to create an environment of lies.”—CD

—“The difference is that speech has been sacred in our civilization, and the opposite in (((theirs))).”—CD

–“Without commensurable categories you can literally make a sensible argument for anything. Thats’ why Pllpul worked, and why it spread to christian theology, then to continental philosophy, and now to marxism-postmodernism. … Grammars matter.”–CD

–“Moral men do not want to rule. That is precisely why we must rule.”–CD

–You are only ruled by others because you refuse to rule. Do you understand?–CD

Um. We don’t live under capitalism whatsoever. We live under financialism, social democracy (the redistributive state), and rule by the mob instead of rule of law.

It’s a very different thing reading what people said in history versus what people said later on about what people said in history. History is not ideological. Wars are for economic reasons: the returns of winning are profitable.

—“Every woman is pandora, and we are the guardians of the box.”–CD

—“Aristotelians: we are here to master the universe, for we are the gods the universe has made.”—CD

–If you won’t start the fight, fight, and end the fight by defeating the enemy completely, you’re a free rider on those that do, not a man of virtue or character. The time to fight is coming.—CD

–“Death prior to reproduction provides evolution’s quality control.”–CD

–Our reproductive strategy assumes a high rate of mortality in order to defeat the red queen. It should not surprise us that dysgenia ensues when we lower rates of mortality.”—CD

“Cities are a great place to visit. They are a terrible place to live. The modern city is just a plantation for the very rich to live well off the very poor.”–CD

Pilpul and Critique vs Science and Law.  Semitic Grammar (Excuses), vs European Grammar (Warranty). Once you see it you can’t unsee it.–CD

–The militia owns the commons, and tends it as a garden, or the commons is nothing but weeds – and like all countries lacking a militia – full of trash and fecal matter.”–CD

—“The reason we need a truth is because it’s undesirable.” — Curt Doolittle

(((Success?))) It’s because sophistry sells, specializing in moral hazard is the most profitable industry, and free riding is a tremendous discount, and we are in an era of mass communication, and no defense against sophism.

It takes a great deal of Agency to speak truthfully; and learning to speak truthfully provides you with Agency. Operational grammar of testimonial speech is as important as reading, mathematics, and logic.

-“Northern Europeans are closely related to each other, not Southern. The genetic distance between a Welshman and a Russian is smaller than the distance between a Northeast Frenchman and a Southern Frenchman.”-Alexander Zavialov

The best revolutions are those that are resolved out of fear of fighting, not those that are fought.

I’m an anti-philosophy philosopher. I do science, economics, and law. Everything else is fictionalism.

—“Studying postmodern philosophy at university is painful for me as I don’t like sophistry.”—
Sorry man. But take heart, the study of their sophistry only assists us in understanding the enemy. 😉

—“The zombie apocalypse is here. They just have 80 IQ’s rather than 40, the virus is linguistic, and not very contagious, and you don’t have to shoot them in the head – anywhere at all will do.”—

—“By any measure there is no intrinsic value to a given human life. Just the opposite – value is rare, and man is an expensive, destructive, and toxic life form for the biosphere to carry in great numbers. There is no problem facing mankind that is not trivial in comparison to the rates of reproduction of the underclasses. Eugenic reproduction will provide the next century with higher returns than any technology.”—

Men get agency and women get health. Not sure men get much of a bargain for absorbing cellular damage.

—“We define ourselves more so by what we are against, less so by what we agree upon.”—Liupold Engelwulf

But to make a new world we need something to advocate for.

Well the USA did to Europe in the 1800s what china is doing to America, in the 2000’s and what Africa will in 50-100 years do to china. The difference is that Africa sits on the Motherload of resources, and china is her dependent the way the arabs sit on a Motherload of oil and the west are their dependents.

CIVIL WAR – The reason we’re going to ‘go there’ is because we have to ‘go there’ before they do. They will. Every time in history. They talk about it openly.

End Tax Sexism. Time for Tax By Income, Cellular Damage, and Risk.

—You may run on an income statement, but nation, civilization, earth, and universe run on a balance sheet. There are no free rides.—

—“Christianity simply can’t survive outside the Age of Ignorance.”—Alex Macleod

This is whether it is excessive feminism in women, or excessively feminine religions, or excessively feminine politics. Entertainment from men not women.

Tradition, Norm and Fashion are different points on a spectrum of rates of change of behavior.

Feminine, Monopoly, Herd. -vs- Male Market, Packs.  It’s not complicated. It’s lying about it that makes us perceive complexity.


Everyone seems to think Art is a complex topic. It’s not. Math isn’t a complex topic. Nor are morality, ethics, and law. Nor is psychology and sociology. Nor are the sciences.


—As I’ve said repeatedly, and will continue to, the primary economic advantage any culture can seek is demographic. This will exacerbate over the next century such that smaller states with superior demographics will constantly outperform larger states with worse demographics. The people you live with have greater influence on your potential than do your abilities.—

The criteria of decidability vary greatly between the male and the female. This is easily demonstrated. Men and women judge by very different criteria.

Supernatural religions produce trust in a proxy, and by conformity predictability in one another. This is a dramatic cost reduction over the need to learn about one another sufficiently to try trust.

—There are only two social sciences: the law of tort (property), and its facility and measurement: economics. The problem is macro economics seeks to circumvent the law, and the law is ignorant of macro economics.—

—“The only time you get to choose your own death is when you choose to be a hero.”—Scott Deckard

—*Speech causes us to vastly underestimate our evolutionary differences. Language may demarcate man from animals, but agency separates humans from man. Some of us are more human than others.*—

The degree with which women will self modify to maintain the peace is often detrimental to the women, the men, and the peace.

Quotes of the day from an Arabic speaking friend:

–“I wasn’t really terrified of ISIS’s speeches until I read them in English.”—

I could do a podcast on what that means. English is… clear. Because it is a legalistic and scientific language. So the poetic translates very differently.

Well, the only thing I can say about the inquisition is that it was too soft. But we learn not to repeat past mistakes.

I mean, Natural Law (The White Law) can certainly serve as a messianic religion of human transcendence. There is no greater duty, nor mission.

Give “The Purge” a whole new meaning.

Noose, Pike, and Pyre.
Every. Last. One.
Dii Velint!

(“the gods will it”)

You know, when you preserve hanging by community prosecution (hanging) it’s pretty easy to eradicate crime and malfeasance over the course of a generation or two. Removing lynching and the duel was a tragedy.

—“Thay’ah ey’uz wohn may’thohd ov say’elf d’fay’ense – uh guhn. ev’rih’thin ay’uhls iz fo’ wohn’in, co’rek’tin, dis’ih’plihn, ay’uhn puhn’ish’mayuhnt.”— The Colonel.

Translated from the Southern Dialect:
–“There is but one method of self defense: a gun. Everything else is for warning, correcting, discipline, and punishment.”–

Abrahamism, both ancient supernatural, modern pseudoscientific, contemporary pseudo-rational is a threat to the future of humanity. It is want of the herd: dysgenia.

You know, a homogenous polity can feel boring, and the cheap novelty of different peoples interesting, exciting and a learning experience. But it is one thing to import different peoples, and another to visit different peoples. And that is that we reward others by visiting, and impose costs upon others by staying.

Diversity? Never confuse vacation, and cooperation, with cohabitation.

I look forward to that time when Steinbeck and Dickens are grouped with Rousseau, Marx, Lenin, and Mao.

A world without truth is only a postmodern dream until the aristocracy (market meritocracy) is eradicated and we are once again reduced to authoritarian monopoly, and the poverty that ensues. And power is held by people who exploit the poor, rather than those who eliminate poverty but cannot eliminate voluntary reproduction beyond one’s means.

Speech consists of measurements. Those measurements are either identical in correspondence, marginal, adequate, inadequate, biased, or deceptive.

The people that matter are thought leaders, organizing leaders (marketers), and direct-action leaders (fighting). When those three packs align, and you have an opportunity for action to seize, then you have revolution.

My understanding of political conflict in the present era is an attempt at speciation, and a political structure, and religions counter to it.

– ethnocentrism is the optimum group political strategy.
– markets the optimum economic strategy.
– eugenics the optimum group competitive strategy.
– neoteny the optimum genetic strategy.

The reason for natural law of reciprocity is that it is the only reason under which the strong and able have a greater interest in cooperation than predation.

Violence is the only answer. It is the least expensive, fastest, most certain answer, with the most dependable consequences.

We don’t need to increase our rates of reproduction so much as separate. Separation will provide the economic and cultural incentive to maintain population.

Stupid and immoral people only matter under universal democracy. But while one cannot fix stupid people, one can however eliminate them from democratic participation.

We use the term Nanny State for the Feminine and Effeminate State. Which then begs the question, now that the nanny state has infantilized the population, who parents the nanny state so that it raises adults?

Speciation: “Cognitive Speciation through Neurological Gender Dimorphism”

Language gives us the impression we are more similar than we are, while the concepts that we think with and the values we attribute to them demonstrate that we COGNITIVELY SPECIATE.

By any measurement, the result of a democratic government is to turn assets in to consumption and production into rents.

—“Aryan man seeks to leave the world improved for having lived in it, and to be remembered for it – and therefore immortal.”—

Might does make what exists whether or not it is right (reciprocal). we have conquered one another since the beginning of our species.

—“I’ve gotten in the habit of checking the last name of the author of everything I read. It’s helped tremendously.”—Darren O’Connor

History isn’t so much written by the victors as the liars that produce history for them.

Academia is the modern church, full of falsehood. The youth see fleeing Christianity and flocking to fake science.

Aristocracy must rule out of self defense, and out of defense for the future of mankind. The domestication of animal man and the organized intergenerational development of agency must continue. At current rates, all of western evolutionary progress will be lost in 80 years.

Intelligence has no systematic influence on the political vote, as it causes opposite effects on social and economic views, which cancel each other out.

One of the more insidious goals has been to arm more of the state operators and to consume the munitions supply. Guns are of no value without ammunition.

Science: Operational Falsification.
Rationalism: Verbal Justification.
Religion: Supernatural Authoritarianism.

—“A Blue-pilled world is an unhappy world, secretly wanting and waiting for a Chad to herald in a Red-pilled world.”— James Santagata


Gods? If there are to be gods, then we must become them.

Is the demarcation between animal and human speech or agency? Because I am increasingly convinced it’s agency and the vast majority of humans are in fact merely animals.

—“What do you mean by “Masculine men conversations”?—Kari Anne Dorstad

Um. A stream of facts about stuff you can light on fire, eat, hunt, kill, have sex with, or use to obtain any one of the previous. (Or any proxy thereof.);)

Death (a life) is a very dear thing to spend. One can spend it on nothing. Or one can spend it on something. I want to spend mine on something that cannot be purchased by any other means.–CD

—Certain (((Factions))) spent a lot of words on propaganda creating a debate between capitalism and socialism when the only debate there ever has been is over rule of law vs rule by discretion. If we have rule of law, markets will develop, and we can redistribute some amount of the proceeds. All economies have always been mixed and always will be. It was the (((attempt))) to produce authoritarian monopolies that put the world in chaos.–CD

Jehovah is a demon and the abrahamic religions his design for hell on earth.

—“Says a beneficiary of Christendom.”— James Fox Higgins:

Says a survivor of the Abrahamic Dark Ages – saved only by the remilitarization of europe under the vikings, the reintroduction of greek and roman thought, the development of printing that broke the church’s monopoly on propaganda, and the revolution in british law and steel. There was nothing good in christianity that was not extant in europe as far back as 1500bc, and everything bad in christianity (and all abrahamic religions) was invented by christians. Lies are lies are lies. Truth is enough.


—“Who are you to…..!!!!!”—
(sarcasm) Well, domesticated animals lack the agency for self determination, and people below the threshold of reason and reciprocity, are just domesticated animals. Or as Heinlein said: “If you can’t do math you’re just an animal that’s house-trained and doesn’t need to turn around three times before laying down.” So I don’t grant sovereignty to those lacking agency, because they are incapable of it, any more than I let children run with scissors or women talk politics and war. lol — CD






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