The Hierarchy of Revolutionary Arguments


Think of revolutionary arguments as a pyramid:

– The theory (strategy)
– The Incentives (science) of that strategy
– The law (constitution) reflecting those incentives
– The generational institutions (“government”) utilizing those incentives
– The Intergenerational institutions (“education, religion”) retaining the strategy, incentives, law, and institutions).
– The benefits for members (“rewards”) produced by those incentives, law, and institutions.
– The motivations (“agitations”) that they produce by those what would obtain those benefits.
– The Plan (“revolution”) that provides the opportunity for those whose motivations are sufficient to act – to do so.

||> Intellectuals > operators > citizens > agitators, revolutionaries: Arguments(solutions) for each. And let the weight of self interest drive the revolution – just like the enlightenment did and the eastern conquest of the western empire by levantine christianity did.

I start at the top and work down. Most people start at the bottom and never make it past motivations.

I expect others to take the ideas and communicate the benefits, inspire the motivations, and to organize the revolution according to plans that are fairly tactical.

And I expect to pay a pretty high price for doing all of this work, and I”m ok with it.
May 26, 2018 10:31am

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