The Overconfidence Of The Contemporary Populace

Usually people who want to debate aren’t knowledgeable enough, intelligent enough, or intellectually honest enough to bother with, but given a moderator I’ll try.

—“Are Property Regimes Ponzi Schemes?”–

Property isn’t a ponzi scheme (it’s not false) however it will (often) increasingly lead to the concentration of wealth, until it no longer can, unless certain safeguards are put in place (natural law).

The reason for this concentration of wealth is that we tolerate financial rents today like we tolerated land rents of yesterday. The problem has been prohibiting rents.

We can actually prevent rents today. But that means the price of such prevention is working while younger and older, direct redistribution of liquidity, the ending of consumer intersets, very strict nationalism to prevent immigration, and a requirement that women produce more than replacement rate children.

So as always problems can be fixed if you’re a scientist, but not if you’re merely a rationalist, or a purveyor of moralistic fairy tales.

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