There are very few of us

Look, we evolved as pack animals and those intuitions you feel but cannot introspectively analyze are intuitions that find comfort in a leader of the pack, membership in the pack, and running with the pack.

We have atomized property and atomized individuals yet we are always pack(male) and herd (female) animals.

There are very few of us that have had occasion to develop the mental discipline to create agency, and therefor understand these impulses as artifacts to be felt, understood, but not acted upon, just as violence, theft, or envy are to be felt, understood, but not acted upon.

It’s not that I don’t understand the desire for a pack(herd) leader, membership in the pack(herd) and the feeling of running with the pack (herd). I do.

It’s that like the impulse to commit other forms of crime exists in many if not all of us to some degree or another, but most of us learn not to act on those impulses.

If you lack agency to do so that’s understandable, but then you lack the agency to make fully rational choices, and as lacking fully rational choices you are not fully human.

And as such unfit for decisions demanding of rationality and agency.

And that decision is the judgement of truth or falsehood.

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