Um, Underclass Reproduction Is Oppression of The Entire Polity.

—“The classes were not oppressed, but domesticated through the use of organized violence, manorialism, and religion to cull sufficient numbers from the population that only those not a drag on the rest of humanity remained.”—Curt Doolittle

—“Um since when does this so-called “domestication” not count as oppression?”—Ian Heckman, PhD student in philosophy.

I think most of us call it ‘the minimum eugenics necessary to insure the median agency of the population exceeds the median demands of competitive survival’.

I mean, evidence is evidence: The single best investment people can make in developing a high trust polity with a standard of living above the malthusian limit is to cull the underclasses as aggressively as possible.

So by any and every measure, underclass reproduction oppresses the entirety of the polity and keeps them in violence, low trust, poverty, and disease.

It’s my job to state the truth. It’s up to other people what they do with it.


—“the mean value the third generation of children are regressing to is the mean of their respective families”—Jayman

You don’t regress to the mean of the population but to the mean of your respective families. Due to sortition, populations (which are collections of families) tend to regress to the mean of the collection of families.

May 23, 2018 11:45am

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