What Makes Christianity Jewish, Not European?

(very important ideas)

What makes Christianity Jewish is the method of presentation (fictional history), the adaptation rather than homeric repetition (justification), the method of argument: pilpul(sophism), the demand for exclusivity (monotheism), the demand for submission(slave morality), the demand for obedience (law vs wisdom) rather than respect and tolerance, the demand for expansion (domination), divisiveness and demonization (poly-ethicalism – although christian is less so than judaism or islam), the primacy of priests and conformity(positive) rather than law and conflict resolution (negative), the maladaptivity (devolution) rather than adaptivity (markets), the genetics (dysgenic rather than eugenic), and the spreading of ‘sources of ignorance’ rather than knowledge and innovation. The fact that it has been called an opiate of masses is simply a medical truism, since that’s precisely what it does (literally).

The fact that people spoke and wrote in greek, in greek-conquered lands, does not make them greek. What makes on the member of a group evolutionary strategy is their method of cooperation toward a given end. In the case of western vs semitic, it’s Truth, Correspondence, Heroism, Agency, Innovation, and Rule of Empirical Law, vs Lying, Non-Correspondence, Slavery, the absence of Agency, Stagnation and the Rule by Fictional Law.

The historical problem facing aristocratic and masculine western man in curing himself of the underclass and effeminate infection of abrahamic sophism, is that empirical law, commerce, and science is simply practiced while literature is debated. Once you understand this, the parallel between judaism and marxism, and christianity and postmodernism is obvious: jewish pseudoscience and law that is non-correspondent, and christian literature and rationalism that is allegorical and non correspondent. They attempt to achieve by overloading reason, with framing obscurantism and suggestion, an appeal to intuition of the interpersonal experience, rather than informing us as to the limits of personal perception and experience and the use of measurements both physical and logical to extend it.

The Abrahamisms are Sophisms by analogy, not Measurements by description. Western man measures the empirical to understand and defeat reality. Semitic man fictionalizes to ignore, and circumvent reality.

Abrahamic fictionalism is the very opposite of Western Description. They tell fictions. We report on events.

(Thus endeth the lesson)

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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