A Parasitic Priest Class

by Neil A. Bucklew

The problem with abrahamism is its murky interpretable nature that allows a parasitic priest class to form.

There are good ideas within christianity along side bad ones, as well as a lot of unnecessary fiction. the family structure of the west is not laid out in the bible, where semitic polygamy is still written. western “christian tradition”, is not wholly guided by the bible, but mixed with unspoken elements of western society.

I do not see how you can look at Rome and its pagan culture or other pagans and see a feminized culture. They had the same basic monogamous culture with some variation on details. women and men had clear and specific duties more than loose rules of thumb such as “love your wife respect your husband”.

To say Christianiy rescued Europe from the chaos of pagan matriarchy is quite a stretch. It would be more accurate to say that patriarchal people used and transformed christianity in their struggles for dominance. There is a huge amount of western behavior during christian times that cannot be explained by any christian teachings or what is written en the bible. the foundations of what is called the christian work ethic are hardly to be seen in the bible, which teaches that work is the result of a curse we must suffer through. the foundations of that work ethic is in the biology and pre christian culture.

the “incremental suppresion” that curt talks about especially during the manorial period, was quite often about NOT helping those who would not work and participate and letting them die. no need to kill them, just let nature take its course. christian charity consistently undermines this.

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