|ARYANISM| Truth, Duty, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Markets in Everything.

|HISTORY| Aryanism (Sovereignty) > European (Germanic) Traditional Law > Greek Math and Reason > Aristotelianism > [dark ages] > Empiricism > Science > Operationalism > Testimonialism.

Falsehood is falsehood.
Supernaturalism is falsehood.
Scripturalism is falsehood.
Abrahamism (conflation) is falsehood.
Pilpul/Critique are falsehoods.
Justificationary Rationalism is falsehood.
Pseudosciences are falsehoods.
Postmodernism (denialism) is falsehood.

|GRAMMARS| Identity > Maths > Logics > Empiricisms > Algorithms(operations) > Testimony > Ordinary Language > Stories > Fictions > Fictionalisms (pseudoscience, supernatural-isms, theology, justification-isms) > Outright Lying.

My ‘philosophy’ is just science, and in particular, the science of testimony, and in particular, the use of grammars (rules of continuous disambiguation) to falsify sophisms and deceits.

The difference is that most scientists just say you’re wrong, and I say ‘They’re all liars’.

I work in law. Testimony. And I prosecute falsehood.

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