Extending Eli’s Necessity of Commensurability and Decidability

Long (Established Male), medium (ascendent male), short term (female consumption) division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy demand different degrees of calculation – computational stress.

This is why trust, reciprocity, norms, traditions, myths, institutions and laws matter most to those of us with conservative and long term values (intuitions/genes) and not to those with progressive and short term values (intuitions/genes).

Physical stress, lower emotional stress, higher intellectual stress and more accumulated cellular damage. (Male)
Physical stress, higher emotional stress, lower intellectual stress, and less accumulated cellular damage (Female)

—“Without shared mythology, values, rituals, signals, institutions, language, culture, and kinship …. without some local commonality in these, there is no commensurability or decidability possible between individuals, and no coincidence of interests, and therefore no cooperation, only conflict.”— Eli Harman

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