For Newbies. (intro Help)

OK, so, Propertarianism is a name we are sort of stuck with simply because of the degree of awareness.

Operationally, it consists of:

1) The explanation of the reason for western rapidity of adaptation and evolution in the ancient and modern worlds. And the conflict of civilizations between the Masculine/True/Eugenic(Aristocratic/European), and Feminine/False/Dysgenic(Theological/Semitic), And how we are currently in the third generation (iteration) of that conflict.

2) Strictly Constructed Natural Law of Reciprocity and Testimony. This is the technical part of the work. And the description of “perfect government” (little different from antiquity).

3) A collections of essays that attempt to reframe literally every question and discipline when expressed truthfully. And a collection of essays answering literally all political social and ethical questions we have yet inventoried.

4) A constitution that is strictly constructed natural law including options for soft, medium, and hard implementations – including restitutions for damages caused by the left.

There is more but that’s the major components of the work.
If you ‘ask around’ it takes about six months to get your arms around it. And one to two years to use it well depending upon your ability and prior knowledge.

So because of the scope and detail of this work I write a lot of ‘sketches’ that you eventually see how fit together into a very tight puzzle.


1 – Eli’s Introduction for Libertarians

2 – Curt’s Basic Concepts

Overview of Propertarianism

3 – Curt’s Overview (does not include the Grammars)

4 – Course Outline

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