Limits of The Big 5 Model?

—“Would you say the limits of Big 5 Measurement are a model resolution issue or a fundamental issue?”—George Hobbs

a) there appears to be a correlation between the five/six factors and reward systems. So there may be a biological basis for them.

(b) there is pretty wide consistency with these measures EXCEPT with east asians for whom some of the model does not fit.(As far as I know it’s not just linguistic).

(c) It looks like there are a series of problems with the terms we are using which are a little freudian rather than stated in terms of evolutionary necessity.

(d) we can measure relative intensity (high, medium, low) somewhat reliably at least within culture.

So I think it’s a maturity problem where we are waiting for the Top Down Survey model of psychology to develop commensurability with brain structure, and brain structure to be expressed commensurably with evolutionary history.

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