Long History of The Study of Dual Ethics 

We take for granted our monological ethics. But while MOST groups practice CAST ethics, almost no other people practiced MONOLOGICAL ethics. The difference being that progressive restitution required (higher classes required higher restitution). But the law was the same for all. This is what we mean by “Rule of Law”: no discretion, same law for all, no law applied in retrospect.

—“…the Jews must be mentioned. Their conduct is regulated by a ‘dual code‘; their conduct towards their fellows is based on one code (amity), and that towards all who are outside their circle on another (enmity). The use of the dual code, as we have seen, is a mark of an evolving race. My deliberate opinion is that racial characters are more strongly developed in the Jews than in any other race.”—
—Sir Arthur Keith, A New Theory of Human Evolution, (London: Watts & Co., 1948), 390.

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