More on The Esoteric, Occult, and Literary and A Request that Men Face Their Lack of Agency as Individuals 

How do I make clear that one does not argue with the fulfilling (wisdom lit) but with the truth (science)? Well that’s what I try to do.

I have had to continuously counter-signal attacks against my work for not providing a lower agency, more accessible version of the natural law. THERE ISN”T ONE. Man can be lifted to it by constructing his agency, but it cannot be lowered for those lacking it.

And yes it is lower agency to need literature because it relies on appeal to intuition and does not consist of a continuous stream of constant relations between reality and decision.

But that does not mean that when one possesses lower agency one cannot still live a fulfilling life. It means that literary argument is analogy and wisdom helpful in choice of preference and good – and perhaps even understanding. It can in fact function as sedation. Or even inspiration. Inspiration necessary because of a lack of membership in teams granting one agency.

I would read the lord of the rings, and dune, and Neuromancer to envision possibilities, and in fact, most history to gain wisdom. I can understand reading the essays of wise men (particularly Montaigne and Chesterton). But these are vehicles for understanding. Not for argument and decision. Any more than religion and rationalism are means of arguing for truth.

IT IS QUITE HARD TO LACK AGENCY AS A YOUNG MAN. As such i’m criticizing the lack of organizations for MEN. But I undrestand the struggle of being an individual young male, particularly in modernity. It’s alienating.

Literature is a substitute for membership in a group with which one obtains agency. Individualism is the necessary subject of the Law – all else requires guilds, teams, militias, armies, and governments: NUMBERS.

Again… esotericism is escapist literature for those with low agency, and I’m absolutely positive if I spent 25k for an academic and his grad students to do the research it would come out as the same. Esotericism is simply another secular religion. And literature is between wisdom literature, secular theology, entertainment, and escapism.

So it’s ok to criticize and I understand the market need exists. But I am not trying to fill that market need by DEGREDATION but by transcendence of the male into that which he longs for by EXISTENTIAL rather than fantasy means.

And if not, then all that matters is that a small percentage of the population of choose agency, action, and transformation of the real world, as an army, rather than literary sedation, as an individual.

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