Silly old men try to restore the past.

—“A doctrine of the state can only propose values to test the elective affinities and the dominant or latent vocations of a nation. If a people cannot or does not want to acknowledge the values that we have called ‘traditional’, and which define a true Right, it deserves to be left to itself. At most, we can point out to it the illusions and suggestions of which it has been or is the victim, which are due to a general action which has often been systematically organised, and to regressive processes. If not even this leads to a sensible result, this people will suffer the fate that it has created, by making use of its ‘liberty’.?” ? Julius Evola

I mean, this is a great example. Define “true right”, Tradition and Traditional. And do so in a way that does not require men of knowledge of the universe to repeat sophisms or submit to fairy stories.

We cannot uninvent knowledge of the world that gives us our dominion over it and return to prior states of ignorance. We must create prior VALUE SYSTEMS out of new language, not old.

Silly old men try to restore the past. Those of us with some teaspoon of wisdom merely take lessons of past and present and propose solutions to old problems in the framing of the present.

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