Some People Want Transcendence 

(It’s just self inducing endorphins – and another form of drug use as escapism. That doesn’t mean the religious “Spiritual” is not a psychological need to relieve the stress of ongoing computation with fragmentary knowledge. )

Yeah, but what if that experience is in fact what you want to consume? And what if consuming that experience both does no harm (directly or indirectly), creates no risk (directly or indirectly) and does you good?

Or conversely, what if that is ‘the best that many can hope for’, because the rational requires more agency than they possess?

So I think these people fall into camps:
1 – Pedagogical utility of intuitionistic expressions. (good)
2 – Political and Social Necessity: Mindfulness (good)
3 – Cognitive Therapy. (good)
4 – Action Avoidance (bad)
5 – Escapism (bad)

Some of us are judges, and most of us need mindfulness, but some of us need to be therapists and some of us need therapy.

I don’t necessarily like the ‘Transcendent’ because as far as I know that’s just searching for a manual means of producing endorphins that compensate for weaknesses of social, sexual, economic, and political market value. Just as alcohol and drugs are artificial means of self medication.

And just as you see all forms of drug users excusing their dependencies, you see the ‘transcendent’ justifying their dependencies.

Hence why I advocate stoicism because it is self improvement not self medication.

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