The Adaptability of Women and A Lesson for Men

The specialty of women is their ability to adapt to whatever local condition is necessary, whether it be her children, the women who she supports and is supported by, the micro polity she is constrained within, the macro polity she is constrained within – the polity consisting of the constraints of men. Men cannot do this – we specialize for fit into groups, and we lose our ability to adapt fairly quickly, and as such are at long term disadvantages under change of groups.

The problem of women’s extraordinary adaptability is the illusion of agreement and shared understanding that they demonstrate when ‘adapting’ to a male.

For example, it’s very common for a man (me included) to love his exe’s but understand their incompatible. Or even to cast a woman as crazy but still love her. But women very often un-adapt to men (my ex wife for example), and produce anything from dislike, to antagonistic anger, to absolute hatred of him.

What men forget is that this is part of the seductive capability of a woman. And that their loyalty is to their children, and rarely to their husbands, and in those cases where there is loyalty it certainly appears to be reducible to social and economic security. Whereas for most men, loyalty is the most important emotion we feel, and govern our behavior by. (For evolutionary reasons it was necessary for group survival.)

So all but a very few women have far less agency than we do. And because of that we are easily convinced that they are more compatible and loyal than we are. They are very different, they are less loyal, they possess lower agency, but they adapt extraordinarily. For this reason a woman is very different about every seven years of her life. While a man is fairly fixed in temperament by his late teens, and once he matures in his early to mid twenties, he will simply have more knowledge and less energy as the years pass.

It is extremely important that you share core values and roles, because over time, sexual attraction, the social status of marriage, the financial benefit of a shared household, the economic utility of incomes.

But you must never forget that in general she has less agency, and more adaptability, and less loyalty than you do.

Love women. Help them nest. Increase their social status with her friends at every opportunity. Listen. Demonstrate understanding. Do not argue or reason with women about what is good or preferable. The only answer is yes we can, yes I can, yes I can but not until next year, no I can’t, no I won’t. Help her be the best she can be.

Never let them nag you ever. It is a cancer that women evolved for the raising and training of children which must never be directed to a male. Never let them take you for granted. Never give them control of your income, only some agreed upon portion of it.

The first time you see her give you a ‘disgust response’ in her facial expressions (including eye rolls) sell all the assets you can, separate the assets you can’t sell, and leave or divorce her. Once a woman has given you the disgust response it is only a matter of her planning her exit.

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