The Fallacy of Liberal Academic Achievement

—“What I always tell people who cite more “educational achievement” among liberals, besides what this article said about how universities are really indoctrination centers, is that there is a repolarization at the top that mirrors the 50/50 split amongst the general population.

Intelligence is a predictor of leftist leanings until you hit the the top one or two percent. “They don’t know what they don’t know” is basically another way of saying “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

They get to the point of questioning preconceived notions, realizing they’re not wholly rational, but not even scratching the surface of why we developed those instincts to begin with.”– Brian McQuiston

“…Not questioning why we developed those instincts to begin with…” or why a central tenet of western and eastern civilization is the warning by Icarus against hubris. Why? It counters (a) that idealism and reason can somehow compete with a market for demonstrated results, and (b) that we are unequal in every possible way and that markets are the only means of calculating coincidences of wants and needs, and (c) that because of “b”, many people are dead weight or deleterious to the group as a whole.

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