The Lies of The Enlightenments

–“[we suffer from] ideological weakness”—

Actually It’s classical liberal dishonesty combined with malincentives of global empire. There is no possibility of an aristocracy of everyone, nor are we in any way equal. That was just a ruse to sieze power from the landed aristocracy the same way the marxists/socialist/postmodernists have used similar arguments to undermine America – via women’s inclusion in the voting booth. The lie of the bourgeoise society – the theft of aristocratic civilization by classical liberal (middle class) ruse, the way it’s been stolen by the radical (underclass/academic) ruse by claiming oppression.

That lie is what begins it all. There is no such thing as bourgeoise civlization other than the tents of diasporic trade route travelers and pirates, hawking goods in bazaars without liability of warranty.

Aristocracy = Sovereignty. Aristocratic Egalitarians: those who will carry the burden of reciprocal insurance (sovereignty and reciprocity) may join the aristocracy.

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