The Needs of The Weak, the Will of The Strong

Moritz brings up yet again that many young men want a new religion. And their criteria for a philosophy, is simply an inspirational theology. And I’m fully aware of this criticism. Propertarianism is structured as a philosophy out of utility – the utility of falsifying rationalist philosophy. But what I’m writing is LAW. Uniting science (physics, economics, sociology, psychology, metaphysics), and law into a single commensurable language across all disciplines providing a means by which we can suppress falsehoods, and particularly the abrahamic falsehoods (pilpul/critique) and the modern versions of them (postmodernism/marxism).

And with that law providing a constitution that makes it possible to restore the specific uniqueness of the west, and our ability to drag ourselves, and humanity, kicking and screaming into transcendence: evolutionary progress.

There is no reason for you to like the law. On the explanatory power and commensurability and decidability it provides.

It slaughters all your sacred cows.

But then again, why do you need falsehoods?
My position is that the weak of body, spirit, and mind, need them and the strong of body, spirit, and mind do not.

Those who are weak will never judge, never govern, never rule. They are only important in that they will fight for the material incentives provided by defeat of the parasites and the rescue of our civilization – or not.

Very few of us our needed.

The weak can stay home.

Meaning – if you need a cult, you and your genes are a part of the problem, and of no value to the solution.

The meek won’t inherit the earth. They will only live with the permissions give to them by those that do.

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