We Can Afford to Separate, Specialize, and Speciate

Just as one of our favorite pundits explains that as we become more wealthy, and institutionally and economically equal, we tend rather dramatically to increase our gender bias expressions – also, in all cases, as we become wealthier, we seek to explore our differences and reinforce them rather than pay the cost of adaptation to a norm.

Most conservative liberal conflict is over this difference in conservatives paying costs to conform vs liberals consuming to experiment or explore. With liberals objecting to paying for costs they don’t want to pay directly, and conservatives objective to absorbing costs of liberal consumption and experimentation.

Now, there are two choices: conservatives oppress liberals, or liberals oppress conservatives, or we separate, specialize and speciate.

In other words, somewhere around 3500 years ago we slowed speciation. In the 20th century the left has attempted to reverse it. And they are succeeding – with horridly dysgenic results.

But with very little effort we can now AFFORD to return to speciation.

Fortunately, this is great for conservatives who are naturally eugenic, and great for liberals in the short term who are naturally dysgenic. But in the end it means we will, in the aggregate, return to white and east asian excellence and everything between us will once again decline – until they pose a threat to us out of necessity and envy.

Time to return to speciation.

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