What a Proper Education System Looks Like

by Luke Weinhagen

We’ve found a model that seem to be working really well. A local education organization hires teachers, subject matter experts, tutors, instructors etc… to run classes two days a week. Parents select from the available courses and build a curricula specific to their child, including the child in those decisions where appropriate.

The kids attend physical class for as much or as little of those two days as the selected subjects require, and are in those classes with peers. Adult supervision is on hand for gaps between classes and these gaps provide additional time to study and socialize.

The rest of the week is self and/or parent guided study (depending on assignment load). These non-classroom days provide a great deal of productive and practical application opportunities to get your kids involved in running the home and/or businesses you may be active in.

The teaching staff will provide feedback to the parents, who determine things such as evaluations of progress. Parents are also required to participate in the form of volunteer hours. The organization offers group field trips and outings. Really builds a community around the delivery of education.

By contrast the public education systems looks like a commons so poorly tended it has gone feral.

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