Cultural Differences in Male Conflict 

The duel for honor vs sniping for harm. We have see from thousands of video examples, that black culture habituates and promote ‘sniping’ (sucker punching), ganging-up, beating-while-down, and worse, beating while unconscious. This is antithetical to white culture, that has habituated the duel for thousands of years. In the white history of the duel, two men (and women for that matter) may settle disputes with judicial sanction as long as they are equally equipped, no others interfere, and no ‘advantage taken’ when a man is down. However, if any of these rules is violated, the seconds (insurers of each party) may kill in the present or future those who violate it. This means all men are sovereign. But this is antithetical to peoples outside of the indo european tradition of judicial duels between sovereigns.

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